You’re Halfway There.

We have orbited half way around the sun here in Korea and as the usual saying goes; It has been a journey.

cat excited

However, I miss Thailand


Don’t get me wrong, I love Korea, but in different ways. The benefits, teaching experience, and people have been great.


But there’s just something about Thailand.

Perhaps it’s because it was the first country I traveled to internationally.  Or that it was starkly different from my life in NYC.


In the end, it became my second home.

Korea still hasn’t hit the mark like Thailand.

But as the days go on, I’m leaving myself open to the possibility.


And as the days go on, and the mornings are crisp and the evenings cool, I realize my time here is limited.

Too soon for the “Light at the end of the tunnel” but I see the changes on the ground.

I often look at the calendar on my phone in the Month feature.


“OK, my contract is up on this date…..I can go here between here and here…and I should be in this place by this time”

But then what?

Part of the reason I moved abroad was to have a little space and time for self reflection.


The idea was; being away from home would give me that opportunity to figure what I wanted once I came back.

I”m still not exactly sure.

A Travel Vlogger (For those of you who aren’t familiar with that term, that’s someone who makes a lot of videos on youtube instead of blog posts ;)) of whom I really admire and follow on Social Media once said:

“Luck; When preparation meets opportunity”

Well, I already consider myself pretty lucky. I’ve had some amazing experiences, and some not so amazing experiences. But, without those not-so-great experiences, I wouldn’t    have appreciated those amazing experiences.

A few years ago,  right out of college, I had a job I hated.

I was just skating by, making barely enough to cover all of my experiences. It affected my health and my outlook on life. I felt trapped, and stuck at the job for longer than I would have liked.

I told myself I never wanted to be put in that situation again.

Flash forward a few years later, and I found myself at a job I loved but, still desired something else.

And here we are.

Korea has given me the opportunity for a clean slate so to speak; the ability to have choices, but to actually take a different path if I so choose. I’m open to the opportunity and will be prepared for whichever way the wind takes me.


I may not have a clear picture on the future, but the markers are set, the outlines  will come together, I know.

And I’ll be ready.



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  1. Robert Buck says:

    hope you continue to adjust to Korea


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