One Year Later

A year (and 3 Days) ago,  I left for Thailand.

I remember the day of my departure vividly;  I was still packing.

I had everything sprawled out on the living room floor of the apartment that I loved doing a “Sophie’s choice” of all the items I thought I needed as my subletter moved his belongings into my former bedroom.

All of my possessions sold, donated, and put in storage (aka; parents basement) this was the last of the bunch.

“Could I live with only the possessions I can carry on my back?” I thought to myself.

Turns out, I could live with less. A lot less.

It was too much really; I would eventually get rid of most/give away a lot of it (Sleep liner? Mosquito net? Why did I find those necessary??)

Suitcase, and backpack packed (to the gills- I would eventually revolutionize my packing, don’t worry). I was off. I was ready.

24 hours later, I landed in Bangkok and was greeted by the sun. It would take around 3 months for me to stop sweating profusely, but I still kept the 2 (sometimes 3) shower a day regime going.

I came alone, I arrived alone, and I knew no one.

A year (and three days ago) I left for a journey that has taken me to 6 countries, two homes and countless hostels.

A year (and 3 days ago) I began a journey  that would test my comfort zone, patience, and adaptability, all while giving me the space and time to reflect on what I wanted, both personally and professionaly on the road ahead.

A year and 3 days later, there are certainly more questions than answers, and thats ok, as cheesy as it sounds; I’ve learned to trust in the journey.

A big aspect of what I learned this year, is being able to be comfortable within the confines of myself. There were long weekends where I would venture away from Bangkok and literally not talk to one living soul the entire weekend and it felt ok.

Another time, I found myself stuck on a remote island in The gulf of Thailand, a tiny island were the power is shut off certain days of the week because it simply can’t meet the demands for all of the hotel’s air conditioners. No power=no ATM, I found myself stuck with a scooter, a water bottle and about $4 with me until the next day. Panic? Not that day. People have survived with a lot less.

A year and 3 days from now, I am not sure where I’ll be, and thats ok. Plans are meant to be altered, edited, changed, but to have the mental stamina in order to accept change, to go on a whim, to trust (to an extent) a semi- new person’s opinion on a new matter, and to just go with it is what makes all the difference.

Cheers to the road ahead.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Buck says:

    Thanx for the update. Always know you were a tough cookie.


    1. jennatarasco says:

      Thanks Buckie 😉


  2. It’s amazing what you can do if you set your mind to it. Sounds like quite the adventure! Cheers!


    1. jennatarasco says:

      Thanks so much Sabrina! Looks like you’re having an amazing adventure too!

      Liked by 1 person

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