Say Yes.

Ever Travel and the places you least expect to go, and they turn out to be the ones you end up enjoying the most?


When coming to Thailand, I had a clear list in my head of where I wanted and NEEDED to go to.
And yes, they were all GREAT! (Remember when I went to Maya Bay?? )
But as you hit the backpacker and tourists trails you inevitably meet people and get to talking; “Where are you from? Where have you been? Where are you off to next? Thats all awesome, you’re awesome, THE END” are the usual range of questions.
I first heard of Pai from my TESOL instructor, she herself was Thai and attempting to teach our class how to speak Thai (it wasn’t her fault my Thai is lacking, to say the least).
“Pai is beautiful and very romantic”
I was a little skeptical and decided to put that trip on the back burner.
But then my good friend  was traveling to Pai and invited me along.
Its a sign..I HAVE to go! 
OK! Lets get there!
Note: Remember my post about getting searched for drugs? Well, that was my first time in Pai, this post it about my second time (annnndd may we never ever go through that again!).
I’ve heard taking the night train from Bangkok>Chiang Mai was a must for travelers and something I had been planning to do since arriving.


12 hour night train, First Class = $24 USD (They keep the lights on all night – don’t forget the eye mask!).


One pretty decent sleep later, we reached Chiang Mai.

Good Morning Chiang Mai! 


Chiang Mai>Pai 3 hours by Motto (or, you can take a shuttle for less than $4, just don’t forget the dramamine!).




It was great to be back. Pai is a lovely little hippe mountain town, filled with hidden gems.



Is this post just a photo dump? No. (Kind of).

Travel broadens our horizons. Going back to pushing your personal boundaries; you can’t let one bad experience shape your opinion on a place. You have to learn to say “Yes” more and figure it out as you go along.




It’ll be great, I promise.

And always listen to your Teachers.


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  1. Buck says:

    YES, it was worth the wait


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