Vuh – Vuh – Vuh Vietnam! Part 2! Halong Bay!

We left the mountains of Sapa and made our way to Halong Bay!

Peace out overnight train! Won’t miss you!

We walked around Hanoi Bay and checkout the local travel agencies. Prior to this trip, we read up from bloggers urging to not prebook ANYTHING for Vietnam as it would be much less expensive if you did it in person once there. It added  a frill of fun not having an exact “Plan” and just sort of a vague outline to our itinerary. What true travelers we are!


We booked a 1 night two day cruise around Halong Bay. Originally, we were expecting to pay $120  – $150 for the cruise, but to our delight, we booked it for $85 with a “Free Flow Happy Hour” included.

As soon as booked and left the Travel Agency, we saw a sign for the SAME CRUISE for $60


Oh, well, still better than $150.

So anyway, onto Halong Bay.

After a 4 hour, mildly warm-ish, full bus ride, we made our way to Halong Bay and were corralled into groups and put onto boats.

That bus life….
Hay Halong Bay….

The accommodation was pretty awesome, we were worried we had signed up for a “Russian Roulette” type of cruise; uncertain of what exactly we were getting. But to our delight, things were looking up.

We dumped out backpacks and were shuttled onto smaller boats that brought us to some caves in Halong Bay.


Whilst in the caves, I felt flashbacks from the cult classic popular 80’s movie “The Goonies” and anticipating finding an old pirate ship around every corner (and also wrestling a giant Octopus, depending on which version of the movie you’ve seen).


OK! Caves explored, lets Kayak!


Lifejackets never seem to fit me properly.

We made our way back to our boat and enjoyed a delicious dinner


We spent the rest of the night drinking and enjoying our new fiends company. Followed with some awesome rounds of Karaoke.

And took a brief break to look the back of an earring, it was a group effort;

The search continues…

The Ships crew unplugged us at 11pm, time for bed!

The next morning, we went to an Oyster Farm and learned how pearls are harvested/made.


impregnating an Oyster

We spent the rest of the day taking in the views as we made our way back to the mainland for another 4 hours bus ride to catch a flight that evening to Da Bang for the next part of the journey (stay tuned!)

I leave you  now with more epic views of Halong Bay. You’re Welcome!


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