A Day In The Life Of Teecha Jenna

For those curious of what my Teecha life is like here in Banggggkok here is a typical day:

bad teacher

6:45 am – Hit the “Snooze” Button on my phone thats right by my head and curse the traffic coordinator outside my window and his damn whistle I hope he chokes on.


6:51 am – Smash that “Snooze” Button.

6:54 am- Oh Self, we have 6 glorious more minutes until we should probably get up.

7:03 – We should’ve gotten up 3 minutes ago, we will make up that time later on (but probably not).

7:04 – 7:05 am  – Stumble into bathroom and adjust shower head so it doesn’t drench my towel and clothes.

7:05 – 7:12 am- Rinse, lather, repeat, shave the 7 inches of my legs that are exposed in my worn, old capris.

shower funny

7:13 – 7:30 am brush teeth, dress and run out the door.

7:32 am  – Arrive at school, quietly punch in under the radar because we are 2 minutes late (No regrets, those extra 3 minutes of half sleep were glorious).

7:33 – 8:00 am – “Playground Duty” aka sit on a bench on the outskirts of the playground and chat with the other English Teachers about why we have to be here this early doing this.

8:00 am  – National Anthem, corral students into the classroom.

8:00-8:30 am “Homeroom” aka wait for all the late students to trickle in while the Thai Teacher teaches/talks to the students “Show and Tell” of all the new Boo boos and hair accessories the students have acquired since the day before..

8:30 – 9 am – Depending on the day, either Chinese Lessons, Group Music and Dance or Phoenix lessons – keep in mind, we shuttle and also participate in all of the above (My Chinese is still really bad, how do you say “Grapes” again?).

9 am -Break/Breakfast/I hope its not that mysterious Gelatin stuff again, this country is obsessed with Gelatin everything.

9:11 – Shuttle students back to class.

9:13 – 9:30 am- bathroom breaks, breaking up flights, telling students for the 29323834 time to sit down.

9:30 – 10:00 am – Thai Reading/writing or English Music or English Reading/writing

10:00 – 10:30 am – Thai Teacher decides that she will swap classes with you so you now have to teach your afternoon class that you’re “Sort of” prepared for. Theres not enough time to try and explain because you don’t speak Thai and she doesn’t speak a lot of English (or so she wants you to think).

10:03 am – Decide to read the story you read last week because they can’t tell the difference. You remember that extra coloring sheet you copied last week because this isn’t the first situation where this has happened – WIN.

10:30 am – PLAYGROUND TIME – they are going to pass out at nap time!


11:00 am – LUNCH TIME..for students. Help feed this one, get soy milk for a lactose one, watch the student from the other class take his pants off for the 3298420394 time and run laps around the cafeteria, I love that kid.

11:14 am – Shuttle back to class.

11:16 am – Get the students ready for nap time. Talk one through the art of unbuttoning, he has no idea what you are saying, but its important to immerse them in English and you like the student and want him to be a button master.

11:30 am – LUNCH DUTY! (Whats “Lunch Duty”? Another thing they haven’t explained that we have had to figure out on our own) who cares, I’m starving. I will have lunch and position myself so I can watch the students, so, technically I’m on “Lunch Duty”

The glorious Soup Section!

**Side Note: Teechas get free lunch at my school and we have a separate Teecha’s food section. I LOVE the “Make Your Own Soup” Section!

12:16-12:30 pm – Head back to class so the Thai Teechas can go to lunch.

12:30 – 2:05 pm – NAPTIME. Read a book (the WIFI “Mysteriously” sucks at this time, so thats out). You could try and make copies for your next class, but theres usually a line for the ONE Copier for the teachers in the entire school. Never mind, you’ll just make doodles.



2:06 – 2:30 pm – WAKE UP!!!!! Wake the students up, help them with their uniforms, put their beds away, watch as the Thai Teecha takes an unbelievable amount of unnecessary time, brushing and styling all the girl students hair. I dunno, some are pretty cool looking:

Checkout this hair creation!

**The Thai people are obsessed with vanity!  My Thai Teechas is 25 and gets facial injections to look “Young and beautiful” meanwhile, I come to class no makeup and hair wet (I left my hair dryer at home and I am glad I did. Thailand is a natural hair dryer). I wonder what she thinks of my appearance? Buttt I could care less :).

2:34 – 2:45 pm – Snack Time – Fridays we have ice cream!


2:45 – 3:20 pm – Art/Gym/Computer /Thai or English Classes depending on the day.

3:20 – 3:30 pm – Get kids ready to go home, shoes and backpacks on, faces wiped.

I know how you feel, kid.

3:30 – 4:30 pm – Class Dismissal! Play a cartoon on the class TV so the kids sit down and are quiet. Listen for your students name to be announced on the loud speaker so you can pass them off to the parents.

4:35 pm  – Run home annnnddd do this:


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  1. Robert Buck says:

    Riveting Stuff, can’t wait for the Movie. Could be a lot worse, you could be in Queens


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