31 Promises On My 31st.

This past week, I turned 31.


Boy, did that get here quick.

I say that every year.

This year, in the spirit of this journey, I have written below 31 promises I am making to myself moving forward so here we go…

1.I will make an effort to look people in the eye when speaking to them – it gives a sense of sincerity.

2. I will continue to look at the “Bigger Picture” its been working out for me so far.


3. Even if they don’t expect it  – I will still tip.

4. If it looks good, I will eat it.


5. Its ok to say “No” sometimes.

6. (This was taken from BeMyTravelMuse) I promise to never reserve a loving thought – because if it isn’t reciprocated, I’ll know how the other person feels and if it is reciprocated, I’ll know how the other person feels.

7. I promise to “Keep myself in the equation”; “Is this right for me? What do I have to gain from this?”

8. Wherever life leads me, I promise to always go on one epic adventure a year.

9. (Going with #8…) I will spend money on experiences rather than “Things” moving forward.

10. I will try and continue to not wear makeup in “The Real World”.

11. I will (continue) to be patient when speaking to people where English isn’t their first language, most of the time, they know more English than I know of their language.

12. I will always be prepared for a “Plan B” scenairo ;  If I can’t find a bus station, I will be able to afford a cab, if the hostel is filthy, I will find another one nearby.

13. I wil allow myself to “Go off the Grid” (no wifi) sometimes, if will be good for me (I promise).

14. I will make an effort to learn the local culture and customs, “When in Rome…”.

15. In the words of Ferris Bueller, I will “Stop and look around once and a while”.


16. I will continue to test my comfort zone.

17. I will have a “Students Outlook” on life; always learning and trying new things.

18. Even though sometimes I’m not 100% happy with my appearance, its still mine, and I will always take care of it.

19. I will not invest in fickle people, relationships are a two way street,

“Ain’t nobody got time for that”

20.  I won’t dwell on the past, its in the past, we can only move forward.

21. I will keep solid ties to the people who matter the most back home, they helped (and continue) to do so on this journey.

22. I promise not to compare myself to others, because Social Media never tells the entire truth.

23. I promise to give my dreams a legitimate effort, because if it doesn’t work out, at least I gave it a go.

24. I promise if I say I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it.

25.  I will continue to believe in the wonders of Karma: “Paying it Forward” and putting positive energy out into the universe.

26. I will continue to try things that scare me a little bit.


27. Hard Alcohol doesn’t agree with me the way it used to, I will stay away.

28. Where ever I am going, I will try and arrive early for obvious reasons.

29. When I start a book, I am going to finish it (unless its really, really bad).

30. Don’t bring jewelry, just buy some at your destination (for cheap!) its a small momento from your travels.

31. I will stay open to the endless opportunities this amazing Universe has in store.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Buck says:

    and never forget, you are just another day older….Happy Birthday….again


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