Traveling During The “Off Season”

After an outbreak of “Foot Throat And Mouth Disease”  School was closed this past Friday – SO that meant an impromptu, spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway for this Teecha!



I booked my fight Thursday night for Phuket – The south of Thailand located off the Andaman Sea (You will all be given a Geography Quiz after this post).


I booked my flight, and one night in a hostel, I didn’t really have a plan after that – which I LOVED; the true spirit of traveling!

I’d also like to brag about my packing skills; I’ve come a long way;





One thing I noticed when traveling, besides paying for your plane ticket, getting to the hotel/hostel/attraction can also add up pretty quickly.


Here in Bangkok, a surcharge is often added to a trip to the airport, making it anywhere from $15-20. Which may not seem like a lot to you but WE ARE ON A BUDGET HERE PEOPLE.


Do Your Research

I researched shuttle options before heading to Phuket and to my delight- I found the AIRBUS. The idea was to take the Airbus to Phuket Town and then cab it to my hostel,thereby slashing that pesky cab fare.


Soooo for $100 Bhat ($2.50) I jumped on the Airbus, sure it took some time finding it (it was NOT where it was stated on the airbus website) and it took longer (maybe 20 minutes extra) but we were’t in a rush.

I was also the only foreigner on the bus – a great sign that I knew I was in the right place

Since I was indeed the only foreigner on the bus, the attendant kindly asked me where my hostel was (concerned I had gotten on the wrong bus) I showed her and she got the driver to drop me off down the street from the hostel instead of the main bus stop! #winning!

I got to the Hostel, LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS:

 I got a private (shoebox size) room – it was a $2 different from the 4 bedroom dorm.

Worth it.

That night was spent with my lovely gal pals I met in Cambodia:


Friday was spent exploring Kata beach – My friends informed me the Taxis in Phuket were run by the Mafia – sooo we went with the Bhat Beach Bus:

35  Bhat ($1) gets you to the beach in 30 minutes! #Stillwinning

We (me, a french family and 3 locals) made it to Kata Beach:

It was perfection.

You can rent an umbrella for $2


Saturday my Friends and I ventured to  Nai Harn, a more secluded beach, off the beaten path so we took motor bikes.

Three isn’t a crowd at all.


Saturday Am I still wasn’t 100% confident driving a motto on main roads so I let my friend ride mine while she dropped hers off at her landlords to be fixed (she had a flat).


WE made it to Nai Harn in one piece:



I found this while strolling the beach, even in paradise-thankfully, the cap was still on. I properly disposed of it.

I mean, if you’re going to shoot up, at least take your instruments with you.


We spent the rest of the day in bliss (minus the above)

Sunday: My Flight didn’t leave until the evening, so we had the entire day to explore.

Saturday night, my friends gave me a motor bike tutorial:


It was instant love.

I cruised around the neighborhood and took some shots.




My flight wasn’t until Sunday evening, giving us the entire day to explore.


First stop – Big Buddha!


I should mention, this buddha is on top of a mountain, the road getting there was stunning.



Nice going up, a little scary going down on your second day driving a motor bike.

I lived.

The view was worth it.


We finished the day at a Cat Cafe. I was in heaven, until my allergies starting picking up.


This cat wanted nothing to do with me.

A note on traveling during the “Off Season”

Originally, I was only going to take a vacation to Thailand, and was advised NOT to come form April – September since it was the Rainy Season.

Sure, theres been rain, but it comes and goes (rather quickly). The hostel I stayed in, the beaches, the bars we ventured to were all empty. Sure, it was cloudy on Sunday at Big Buddha, but still beautiful. 2/3 days of great weather makes for a happy Teecha. I’m glad i took my chances.


Epic Weekend.


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