Herding Cats, A Princess, and Flowers.


Its been a busy two weeks here.

I am now employed at a very nice primary private school just outside of Bangkok.




I am told the school itself has about 250 students.

I teach 1 english class a day to a group of 20 (ish)  Kindergarteners.

Each classroom has a different name; Grasshopper, Butterfly – I am in the Bumble Bee room.

Kindergarten is a little different than in states. Normally, Kindergarteners are around 5-6 years old, where as here, they are 3-4 years old, a few still wear pampers  (I have yet to change diaper here, although, I  have had my share of snotty noses- they’re very cute once cleaned up!)

Besides teaching English, I also spend my day yelling at them  talking to them in English, taking them to other classes, lunch, etc. It feels like I’m herding cats most of the time, but with each day, I am getting to know them more and more; their personalities, how they interact with other teachers, and learning which  way they learn best.

I’ve been loving nap time since day one:


Earlier this month, Princess Maha Chakra Sirindhorn visited our school! 


It was a pretty big deal

The school pulled out all the stops, Including custom made suits for the entire staff:

Tents and Fancy Draping!
Teechas lookin’ Sharp!

The Day included a naming ceremony (the school will now be named after her). A performance and ICE CREAM


Teechas reward for good behavior.


This past Thursday was Wai Khru – Teachers Appreciation here in Thailand. There was a ceremony and students present beautiful flower arrangements:



Due to the Princess craziness, the past two weeks I have been observing and not really teaching. I will have a more updated post once that is underway.

Generally, the school day starts at 7:30am  – 4:30pm. Teachers get free breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks. The lunches are pretty delicious:

There is a separate “Teachers Lunch Section” NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM

The school also offers free housing for their foreign teachers, about a 5 minute walk from the school (talk about ideal commute!)

I have my own room, with a single bed, desk, chair, and wardrobe with drawers that lock.

The AC  and wifi work well.


Hallway to the bathroom – view from my doorway.

Its pretty basic but its FREE  – the “pathway” to the dorm below:


I’ve decided to   “rough it” here in the “Cement Dorm” indefinitely as opposed to finding and apartment here in Bangkok, which means more money saved teach month, not only more to travel with, but to travel better; staying in nicer places, eating better, going on tours, etc.

Cheers to the week ahead!

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  1. Buck says:

    Glad to hear things are going well


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