Cambodia – Angkor Wat.

Truly its Cambodia’s most prized jewel (Sihanoukville is a close second).


Talk about “Photo of the Day!”


Our day at Angkor Wat started at sunrise


We weren’t the only ones there

(I’m really good at cropping)


The entire complex of Angkor Wat, runs over a few miles, more than you can do in 6 hours (and about six water bottles).

It took one million people, and close to 40 years to construct the “Temple City”.


Walking the grounds (regardless of being hot) was surreal. Here stands many, many structures built almost 1000 years ago that have withstood time, so much so, we ( and many more) are able to walk in, on, under and around them.

“We are but droplets in a deep, vast, ocean, incapable of doing anything like  this in our lifetime” my fellow classmate said to me on our trek.

I agree, in a way.


Some of us don’t appreciate the beauty in everything, but we meet those people all the time, don’t we?


Its been a busy week here.

Certification completed – I GOT A JOB – traveled back to Bangkok – and tired out my “sea legs” (and failed).

More to come!

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    got you email too, thanks…………. Buck


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