Cambodia – I’m indifferent.

“She’s like the ‘Wild Wild West’ of our time”

“She’s complete, organized Chaos”


I’ve heard fellow travelers say the above in reference to Cambodia and both ring true.

It’s day 9 here in Phnom Phen, I have left the comforts of Bangkok and traveled east.

She’s old, with a dark, and brutal past, her streets are littered with garbage, Tuk Tuks and “vehicles” that were made out of something you’d find rusted behind a tool shed 5 years after you thought you threw it away- kind of real.


Raw and Real. Thats Cambodia for sure. 

Beyond the chicken, and green tape is a mass grave of an estimated 20,000 people who fell victim to the Khmer Rouge, nearly 40 years ago. The Killing Fields today are quiet, buddhist services are held on the grounds – a stark contrast to what is was. This place is an erie reminder of humanity at its worst. 

First impressions?

She’s growing on me.

“There are rules, but no one really follows them, and it just seems to work” – a fellow colleague at the center here informed me.

Maybe my opinion is a little biased – I’m a “Westerner” a “Walking Dollar Sign” and apparently, someone that many young Cambodian men want to take a photo with?? Umm, no thanks.


But, there is beauty everywhere you look,


its easy if you try.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeffrey says:

    I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much I am genuinely enjoying you sharing your travels. Thank you for being so generous with your time and creativity!


    1. jennatarasco says:

      Thanks for the kind words Jeff, always the charmer you are!


  2. Dale Stewart says:

    WOW! The pictures are amazing and I love your posts.
    Enjoying your travels…what an experience!


    1. jennatarasco says:

      Thanks Aunt Dale – You too are quite the traveler as well. We should exchange stories sometime!


  3. Arline says:

    Hey Jenna, Mom just sent me your web page info. I read all of your blogs and am so so excited for you. You are very brave to do something like this. Such a great experience. I can see my granddaughter doing something like this. She wants to go to Australia after she graduates high school in another year to be a volunteer at a zoo. She is thinking about becoming a vet. Please be careful and I will be glued to this site as I find it very interesting. Not to sure about the insects and food. I bet Mom and Dad can’t wait till you get home and start to cook for them. Ha Ha. Be well Jenna. Love Mrs Hornung
    PS: Mr H says hi too.


    1. jennatarasco says:

      Thanks Arline! Give Heidi a pet for me!


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