First Days in Bangkok

Hello from Bangkok!

I have made it to the “Land of Smiles” and so far, mostly, its been pretty much all smiles from yours truly.

I arrived early Thursday morning, the entire cabin of the plane was in limbo between sleep and a quiet lull, the cabin crew turned on the lights and started making announcements, I tried to look out the window, however I had difficulty since I was in the middle row on the aisle (a recommendation from a well traveled friend, one which I do not regret in the slightest, from here on out I am an aisle seat girl – take that, window seat!)

The plane repositioned once on the tarmac, the giant 747 pivoted to our assigned gate.


And there it was.

The sun.

It was in its perfectly rounded, bulbous glory, up in the sky casting down on the tarmac and into the horizon, making its presence known, beckoning to me; “You have arrived”.

And arrived I have.


I exited the plane, retrieved “big blue” (my suit case- I am pretty sure is well over the allowed weight requirements on any aircraft carrier). Sim card and Thai Bhat and hand I was ready to hit the road!


A note: much of Bangkok is in English, from street signs, to advertisements to labels on various food products. Many Thai speak english (levels varying) lots of hand gestures work, also in the age of Google, I am able to get directions in Thai- easier on everyone!


I made it to my guesthouse in no time. The manager, Pim welcomed me and even let me check in early. After pleasantries,  she took one look at me and asked “Shower?” Answer: YESSSSUHHHHHHH. Please.

What $13 a night gets you in the suburbs of Bangkok:

I kept it pretty low key this day, I didn’t want to venture far only to become really tired and have to journey back. However,  the evils of “Jet Leg” have yet to arrive, perhaps I left them on the plane????


Friday started out exploring Bangkok with locals and a fellow travelers through the popular travel website, couchsurfing.

Couchsurfing” is an online community whereby travelers stay with locals on either a spare bed, floor or couch for free. Often times the hosts will  give tours and insights of the city you are traveling in. While I have heard some great and not so great couchsurfing experiences, they also have local meet ups and events world-wide where you can meet other travelers to do things with.


It was a jam packed day full of temples, eating, talking and getting to know one another. Check out the photo dump below, enjoy!


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  1. Buck says:

    thanks for the update


    1. jennatarasco says:

      Thanks for writing the first comment on my blog Buck!


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